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Qamar Iqbal


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A graduate from Pakistan Marine Academy, Qamar Iqbal has more than 35 years of experience in the discipline of Operations, Finance and Human Resources. His business acumen and passion to succeed elevated him up the career ladder at quite a pace. Mr. Qamar is known for demonstrating conviction, hard work and perseverance in his work. His dedication and drive led him to start an HR company and has been successfully directing it.

An established name in the corporate world and an impressive record wasn’t enough to fulfill his purpose in life. Qamar Iqbal was drawn to find a deeper meaning. Therefore, he embarked on the journey of self-exploration in the pursuit of finding his true-self and in the process got acquainted with the benefits of healing. He is now a proficient healer and has extended his service to people across the globe.

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Its NOT reiki, chakra healing, mantra healing, faith healing, pranic healing, crystal healing, quantum healing, qigong healing, hypnosis, NLP, recitation healing, mantra healing or religious healing.