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Healer Note

About the Healer

I always had an ardent curiosity to know “WHO I AM??” In search of the answer, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that required deep introspection and intense practice.

I went into extreme self-mortification for 10 years, devoting myself to the practice of meditation. I virtually isolated myself and renounced all the worldly affairs, meditating continuously for about 20 hours a day, with insufficient, small and tasteless meals, devoid of any salt, onion, garlic, wheat and any type of meat. Preferred to stay silent and frequently remained on water fast for 15 to 20 days throughout the period.

For initial 100 days, other than water my entire source of sustenance was only two cups of milk. For three and a half years, I consumed only one small meal a day, and did not chew anything during this time. I did not switch off my bedroom light, as I never wanted to sleep. At times during the initial meditations, I would feel my body getting locked in an unusual stiffness, my bones felt like they were breaking apart, I would sweat profusely, unable to breathe, feeling as if I was going to die. However, I battled on, as I had a greater goal to achieve.

During these intense meditations, the line between sleep and wakefulness became blurred to the extent that my distinction between the two was lost. My body would be completely numb, feeling body-less only pure thought existed. I underwent a period of bliss and ecstasy, pleasurable sensations pulsating and resonating throughout the body. I experienced the awakening of Kundalini. At times, my thoughts would cease altogether and I would be drawn into an extraordinary light that would consume my existence. I felt deep internal transformations, as now my prayers were being answered.

Almighty has blessed him with the miraculous powers to heal. He is able to heal sinus, fears/phobias, trauma ptsd, asthma, allergies(dust, smoke & smell), migraine & cervical spondylosis, etc.

No medication and no personal presence required.

You don’t have to do anything, he will do it for you.

Its NOT reiki, chakra healing, mantra healing, faith healing, pranic healing, crystal healing, quantum healing, qigong healing, hypnosis, NLP, recitation healing, mantra healing or religious healing.