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How to cure Asthma forever?

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How to cure Asthma forever?

How to cure Asthma forever

The question everyone wonders is, is Cure Asthma even curable? Technically speaking, there really isn’t a cure for asthma but it can be managed in certain ways. A better way to understand is by understanding the different types of natural remedies for cure asthma available. Having asthma can bring in triggers or responses varying from person to person. Which is why, people with asthma may have prescribed medicine but even then, they may not be getting the relief they require.

Which is why there are numerous natural remedies that can help in managing asthma. One of the many is Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a chinese treatment that consists of lightly placing needles in specific pressure points to either relax a person or to give relief, in the case of asthma, people have found it to be effective in managing chest pain and airflow.

Buteyko breathing technique

Another remedy is Buteyko breathing technique, this involves the use of breathing exercises as a way to help with cure asthma. Buteyko breathing aims to normalize carbon dioxide (CO2) levels as well as minute volume. Moreover, the benefits are numerous as it stops overbreathing and helps regulate breathing. By practicing it can also help in preventing issues such as wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. It can also help to alleviate unnecessary coughing and clear blocked nasal passages.

Furthermore, you must be wondering, how is it done?

  • This breathing exercise is done by breathing through the nose mainly, it starts with:
  • Holding your breath after an exhale.
  • Using your index finger and thumb, to retain and stop your breathing for a bit.
  • When the urge to breathe comes and the diaphragm moves, then inhale.
  • Breathe normally for at least 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the process some more times.

Now the question remains, as to how long does Buteyko take to work for cure asthma? It’s not a technique that works overnight and heals asthma. However, if a person is consistent and has performed the technique properly, there can be results after one week. This technique has been effective in helping people with asthma considerably, keeping in mind that this technique needs to be practiced 3 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes.

It also helps with anxiety especially with people who may be prone to hyperventilating, which is also common in asthma patients. However, patients with hypertension, heart disease, epilepsy or a serious medical concern should check with their doctors before attempting this technique.

Breathing Exercises

Apart from this, there are other breathing exercises that also help with an asthma attack. Such as Pursed-Lip breathing and Belly breathing. Pursed-lip breathing helps in grounding and slowing your breathing especially during strenuous tasks. It includes breathing through your nose and puckering your lips as if you were whistling, then exhaling through your pursed-lips for 4 to 5 seconds. Whereas, Belly breathing helps with using your diaphragm, should be done when relaxed. It consists of lying down with a pillow under your knees for support. After placing one hand on your chest and on your rib cage, keep breathing through pursed lips to deliberately feel the diaphragm. After some practice, this breathing exercise can be performe during normal chores as well.

Moving on from breathing exercises, there are other factors to be considere that could help with managing asthma in your daily life. Mindfulness is very important and should be focuse on more. What exactly is mindfulness? It is basically meditation that helps hone in how the mind feels along with the body. The best thing about mindfulness is, It can be practice and looked upon almost anywhere.

All that required is a place to sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your thoughts, feelings, and sensations in your body. Which is why mindfulness can help alongside the prescribed medication and relieve stress-related asthma symptoms.

Focus on your Diet

In addition to this, other ways to help with asthma is to focus on your diet. A Plant-based diet with dietary supplements can sufficiently help with asthma. After researching, people have found it beneficial to include fruits, whole grains, dry fruits and vegetables in their diet. Not only this but fish as well as olive oil are great to include in your diet as it can help fight inflammation in your body. Moreover, Natural dietary supplements are use by many people to treat asthma. Supplements of vitamins C, D, and E help lower your risk of symptoms and help you feel more healthier.

As a result, asthma doesn’t really have a cure but it does have many remedies that can make it more bearable in day to day tasks. These remedies can help make it feel like your asthma is healing. It mostly depends on consistency and mindfulness. By following these remedies, it can definitely improve your quality of life and help manage asthma and not make it an obstacle that stops you from doing your best.

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