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I suffered from dust allergy and sinus for a very long time. In my first healing session with Mr. Qamar, he was able to cure my allergy. After the session, I conducted a dust sniffing test and I was completely fine. I also drank a glass of very cold water which did not affect my throat at all. At first, I didn’t believe in it, but it is real and it actually works


I can’t explain how unsettling it was to go through a trauma with the feeling that I will be stuck in this state forever. The fear lingered every minute and every second of the day. The sleepless dark nights full of fear were sucking out the essence in me that makes me who I am. That is when I met Sir Qamar who helped me come out of the darkness that I was drowning into. It took me one session and my traumas were gone. The anxiety started disappearing slowly. I had stopped having caffeine (in the past), as it triggered my anxiety despite the fact that I love Tea and Coffee. I now can have caffeine without any triggers. I sleep peacefully at night now and life is all about being happy.

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