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It was pleasure interacting with Mr. Qamar and he entertained me despite my problem being out of his domain.


My son had tested positive for Covid-19 during second wave and was in badly in pain due to lungs infection. NHS (London, UK)  people visited and prescribed simple pain killers and at the same time refused to take him to the hospital.It was a real difficult position for him and the family specifically for me due being a High Risk Patient due to Kidney Transplant.I called Qamar Iqbal to discuss the issue. He talked to my son for a few minutes and believe me Shahrast, my son recovered in minutes.A 23 well built young man stopped crying and went to sleep instantly. No doubt, the universe has revealed its ways and means to heal the sick ones but only to His chosen ones.

Shahrast, 23. London. UK

I was suffering from Pollen Allergy and Asthma for 7 years. Every year, the impacts of pollen aggravated and so did the bills of hospitals and medicines.I arranged oxygen equipment and air purifiers to reduce impacts at home. In spite of best treatments and medication, my pollen allergy and asthma kept making my life miserable & quality of life kept going down. During this corona pandemic, I suffered with asthma and allergic symptoms with higher level of miseries. I came across Mr Qamar & his number. I informed him about my suffering. Mr Qamar listened to all of it very patiently. He first counselled me through motivation so that I get relaxed as I had a lot of anxiety & tensions caused by my Ashtma issues which was a result of COVID-19 symptoms (which I was not aware of at that time). He then had a prayer for me, live, he mediated, gave suggestions. I felt relaxed but bit shaky. After few days Mr Qamar called to check on me. The result was unbelievable as I was getting better and better by the day and I even got rid of my inhalers. After 2 months of this, I got an antibodies test and it was 39. Meaning, I had suffered COVID-19 during the days I contacted Mr Qamar (at that time I wasn’t aware of this). I hope and pray that I will be free from COVID-19 and Pollen asthma in next season as well & continue to this road of better health & recovery. I am thankful to my Mr Qamar and I recommend him to anyone,who is suffering from problems related to sinus or allergies.

Ashfaq Ahmad

My name is Tasnim and I am 28 years old, i have had a fear of flying ever since I could remember. This is known as Aerophobia. I would have extreme sense of fear and panic while flying or even when I would anticipate flying. It was a horrible feeling. It was literally my worst nightmare. I would never be able to sit straight, eat or even sleep on a flight. I was constantly thinking of crashing or getting into an accident. I would get very irritated when anyone around me tried speaking to me as I was always so nervous and scared. One day I met Mr. Qamar Iqbal in Pakistan. Before I had to leave again and take a flight I got nervous and scared and, it was very evident that something was wrong with me. Mr. Qamar had asked me if everything was alright, I had told him “I’m very nervous I have my flight tomorrow and I don’t feel like getting on the plane”. He then gently asked me to sit with him for 10 minutes.  All I can remember was him asking me a few things and making me close my eyes he walked down a certain process with me. That day is still blurry as it was about 8 years ago, However, after that day I have never experienced a traumatic experience of flying ever again. I love flying. Even in the worst of weather conditions I have no fear of flying anymore. It was really a miracle of healing that I experienced.  All I can say is that Mr. Qamar definitely helped in taking away my fear of flying and made my future experiences very joyful. He is magic and I’m forever grateful to him, God bless him.

Tasnim Islam

At this crossroad in my life, I would like to take the path to extend the benefits of this gift of healing to those who require it. Experience the Miracle.

An established name in the corporate world and an impressive record wasn’t enough to fulfill his purpose in life. Qamar Iqbal was drawn to find a deeper meaning. Therefore, he embarked on the journey of self-exploration in the pursuit of finding his true-self and in the process got acquainted with the benefits of healing. He is now a proficient healer and has extended his service to people across the globe learn more....

Qamar Iqbal, Founder

I had been suffering for many years with sinus and I got to the point where my nose was constantly blocked. Strong medicines were no longer working. I was depressed. I met Mr. Qamar and had a one-on-one session with him. Just after having one session, the quality of my life has improved so much, I sleep better and don’t snore or sneeze, wheeze. I have to say the difference has been quite immense & amazing.

Muhammad Waqas
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