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The healing of the stated illnesses are extra ordinary and in a most comfortable way. Just a call away in a few minutes. Instead of spending thousands of rupees just spend few minutes and you are fit. It's my personal experience.

Fayyaz Ahmed

I am hina zahoor. I got to know about Qamar Iqbal sahab by my uncle Fayyaz Ahmed. I had asthema since from my childhood, as per suggestion i called him one day. Qamar sahab healed me over the phone by asking some simple questions . After some days i took one more session because my asthema was not completely gone . Believe me after that session my asthema has completely finished. Thanx to Qamar sahab and my mamoo Fayyaz Ahmed.

Hina Zahoor

My name is Rashid Ali I am from India I was allergic to dust, smoke smell, I had a dust allergy, I had a smoke allergy, I had an odor allergy, I was fed up, I was fed up, I had consumed a lot of medicines, I had an allergy for 10 years. Problem is there but I did not get any rest day and night I used to have a cold cold. I saw a remedial miracle on Facebook, a website on which I searched and searched on Iqbal Saheb gave me healing. I called them and I immediately called whatever I got from the phone. If checked, all of my things suddenly disappeared, I am completely healed and free of allergies. I thank Qamar Iqbal.

Rashid Ali

Highly recommended! I would recommend Healing Miracle to any one who needs to cure without medication. My healer gave me a self assured serenity that may stay with me forever. We had a constructive discussion, where he listened to me and healed me just by being on call for real. I had certain fears that always kept me concerned, one of those biggest fears was with lizards. I would freak out every time I´d see a lizard, I would stop going to my room for days if I see it there anytime, and there was much more to this. I heartfelt thank Mr. Qamar for assisting me with this and all my fears in general, for making me believe how strong I am as a person and most prominently for making me conquer my strength.


I had consulted Mr. Qamar for my mother. She had severe back ache after the injury. Amazingly she benefited a lot and her 95% of pain has gone already. Rest is for the injury to heal as advised by Mr. Qamar. Hopefully, that will be cured as well. All the prayers and best wishes for Mr. Qamar.


I had a migraine problem, twice a week. Especially when I would wake up in the morning. But after my healing session with Healing Miracle, I feel much better & I don’t get those migraines in the morning anymore.

Ambreen Faisal
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