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Healing Miracle Oil is an interesting product because I never thought it would help with my migraine but it did! This is it for anyone who doesn't want to keep taking meds for their migraines and wants natural remedies!

Ayesha Ashraf 

I have been having this strange eye pain for months but Healing Oil eased my pain and my eye pain and made it better. It was a pleasant surprise so I recommend this oil.

Mohini Sonavaria 

During allergy season, everything becomes so unbearable, however ever since I started using Miracle Oil, my life has gotten significantly better. If you want a remedy that works, do go for this oil.

Mohammad Waqas

The healing of the stated illnesses are extra ordinary and in a most comfortable way. Just a call away in a few minutes. Instead of spending thousands of rupees just spend few minutes and you are fit. It's my personal experience.

Fayyaz Ahmed

I am hina zahoor. I got to know about Qamar Iqbal sahab by my uncle Fayyaz Ahmed. I had asthema since from my childhood, as per suggestion i called him one day. Qamar sahab healed me over the phone by asking some simple questions . After some days i took one more session because my asthema was not completely gone . Believe me after that session my asthema has completely finished. Thanx to Qamar sahab and my mamoo Fayyaz Ahmed.

Hina Zahoor

My name is Rashid Ali I am from India I was allergic to dust, smoke smell, I had a dust allergy, I had a smoke allergy, I had an odor allergy, I was fed up, I was fed up, I had consumed a lot of medicines, I had an allergy for 10 years. Problem is there but I did not get any rest day and night I used to have a cold cold. I saw a remedial miracle on Facebook, a website on which I searched and searched on Iqbal Saheb gave me healing. I called them and I immediately called whatever I got from the phone. If checked, all of my things suddenly disappeared, I am completely healed and free of allergies. I thank Qamar Iqbal.

Rashid Ali
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